Agitated Nutsch Filter

Chemical Process Plants and Equipments

Designed to operate under either on vacuum or pressure in batch operated industries such as fine chemicals, dyes, pharmaceuticals and particles.

Nutsch Filter is designed to perform a multitude of tasks including reaction filtration, cake washing and thermal drying on a single unit.

Nutsch  Filter  is  normally consisting of the vessel, the filter floor and cloth, woven mesh screen or sintered metal plate medium, the re-slurry arms for cake washing and smoothing and the cake discharge mechanism.

The Vessel: Being batch system vessel volume is designed to accommodate total volume of slurry charge. Normally designed to operate at 2-3 kg./cm. Sq. pressure and vacuum operation.

The  vessel  top  dished  end  cover support agitator drive assembly as well hydraulic or mechanical system for lowering and raising of the rotating augur and re-slurry paddle arms.

Shell will be provided with limpet coil or jacket for heating or cooling requirements.

The  filter flow  and filtering  medium  consisting  of  a densely perforated  plate sufficiently  strong to hold  the cake  weight  and  pressure that is exerted on the cake’s surface.