Attritors Liquid Grinding

Grinding Machine

1) Batch Type Attritors

Attritors are also known as high power Ball Mill. It works ten times faster then Ball Mills. There are many common applications in Attritor like chemicals, metal, paints, pharmaceuticals, ink, ceramic, industrial coatings and many more. Batch Attritors are simple to operate and energy efficient. Batch Attritor are built very tough and has compact design.

2) Continuous Attritors

Continuous Attritors are compact and vertically designed for continuous productive of large quantities of materials. It has many advantages like excellent temperature controls, simple and safe operation, very low power consumption, fastest grinding and processing and continuous large production. There are many common applications for Attritors like food products, paints, inks, toners metal oxides, chemicals, clay, paper coatings etc,

3) Circulation Attritors

In circulation Attritor, the processed material makes several passes through grinding media of grinding chamber till desired particle size is obtained. This Attritor are comprising of grinding chambers holding tank and pump circulation system.