Ball Mill

Process Equipments

1) Pebble Mill

Lined with bricks and utilizes Pebbles or Balls as Grinding Media. It is milling machine for wet and dry milling. They are also lined with burrs tone (silica), alumina, steatite, ceramic ,porcelain, urethane rubber etc.

2) Steel Ball Mill

It is used for DRY as well as LIQUID grinding. Designed from 2 to 10 feet diameter and can be jacked for cooling or heating. Low maintenance and consistent result. Also provided with variety of Drive Mechanisms for either wet or dry grinding are amid center turned for alignment and offer machined mounting pads for precision gear mounting. Manufactured with abrasion resistant steel and rugged structural support.

3) Contineous Ball Mill (Steel Lined/Bricks/Stone Lined)

Ball Mill is an efficient machine for grinding many material into finer powder Ball Mill or Tube Mills are barrel shaped having more length of shell than Diameter, rotating at specific speed for optimum milling effect. These operate by introducing the material to be mill into rotating drum / barrel which contains grinding media (e.g. steel balls or rods or pebbles, ceramic balls) and material is ground (wet or dry) by attrition through tumbling action of the mill. Capital slow rotational speeds combined with simple and robust construction make them ideal for grinding hard and abrasive materials where continuity of service low maintenance and minimum down time are essential. They are provided with different lining materials inside Mill Shell as per the process requirements. Continues Mills are fed at one end of the mill and discharged at the other Mill end.

4) Jar Mill

Jar Mills are ideal ball mills for Pilot and Lab production application.