Process Equipments

Disperser is suitable for liquid, mixing, dispersing, dissolving evacuation of all range of product viscosities.

Efficient machine for dispersion of powder into liquid used for mixing in batches in easy to change tank. It is provided with fix speed, two speeds or variable speed drive. A hydraulic lifting column can be used for adjusting height of dispersion disk inside the tank as well as changing the tank.

It can be provided with single shaft, twin shaft or multi shaft, co-axial type disperser  / mixers blades. It can be provided with impeller operating in fixedposition or vertically adjustable with electro-hydraulic lifting.  

1) Vacuum Disperser

It comes with speed control, clamping arms and mounted high vacuum Pump for the production and dispersion to final viscosity of high viscous pastes like plastisols, putty, sealing mass etc.

2) Through Floor Disperser

Design permitting to alternative production in two or three different mixing containers of capacity up to 5 KL. each or more capacity. Container installation through steel platform, ceiling floor assures easy dust free product discharge to the lower level for further processing.

3) Tank Mounted Disperser

Tank Mounted Disperser are simple in design and operation. It has advantage of low cost but less flexibility of operation. Normally Tank Mounted Disperser are used for high volume production of the same/ similar type of batch over and over again. It occupies less space compare to other models.

4) Floor Mounted Disperser For open Vessel

It is suitable for production capacity between 100 liters to 2000 liters. It is available in non-swiveling or swiveling type It has a vessel clamping device which is suitable for different diameters of mobile vessels. The machine is raised and lowered by means of hydraulic or mechanical system.

It can be designed with Vessel cover suitable for different diameters & difference heights of mobile vessels. Maximum capacity with minimum height of machine above the foundation reduces the possibility of shaft vibration at the highest speed. Tip speed of the impeller ranges from 1500 to 5500 feet per minute. Shaft R.P.M. varies according to impeller diameter.

5) Twin Shaft Disperser 

Twin Shaft Disperser contains two impellers on each shaft. It has single motor between 15 to 60 HP. variable speed shafts, we put twin shaft for higher viscosities or larger batches and for easier loading with less dust. Our Dispersers are designed to process highly viscous materials containing large percentage of solids, which are to be blades are provided.

6) Multi Shaft Disperser 

Telematrix disperser provides three shafts in it. This machine has added a third shaft as an equidistant tank speed mixer inside the sweep impeller opposite the high-speed shaft to provide more mixing through the batch. We offer this machine for heavy projects, which requires more efficient and more heterogeneous dispersers. This machine comes with slow-speed speed impeller, which starts batch mixing and pushes it away from the tank. The intermediate speed blade mixes the batch further mixes the batch and keeps forcing it into the disperser blade. The high-speed blade completely disperses the material. We do offer many variations of blades.

7) Rail Going Disperser 

Rail going Mixers are general-purpose mixers, which move and they are guided on ceiling mounted with single or dual rails. This machine does not occupy floor space by moving mixer to the Vessel.

The mixing shaft is attached to the mixer by means of touch-protected quick release coupling. The transportation from vessel to vessel can either be by manual force or by motor driven carriage. Vertical adjustment is done by means of a servo-powered screw.

8) Laboratory Disperser 

We provide laboratory model disperser for the production of samples and we also provide laboratory model disperser to very well known colleges for studying purpose. This machine has batch size of 0.5 to 20 liters.

9) Rotor Stator Dissolver Disperser 

Rotor Stator in the rotor and stator arrangement there are pinned discs or toothed set of impellers one is rotor and other is stator. The stator impeller which is arranged parallel to the axis are surrounded at a close distance by the rotor impeller located outside. Due to external (rotor position) or rotating stator arrangement, achieves an intensive product circulation., in which total batch evenly without having slow speed mixing impeller. By the suction effect of rotor disc the dispersing product is sucked first axially down wards and then radially outwards through stator disc.

The differential  speed between the rotor and stator imparts extremely high shear And turbulent energy in the gap between the rotor and stator. additionally  the Gap  between  the rotor and stator will contribute to the amount of shear. The shear rate is directly proportional to tip speed and inversely proportional to gap distance between rotor and stator.