Vacuum Dissolver

The vacuum dissolver is suitable for dispersing solids into liquid. It can be used in very high viscous products of up to 10,00,000 mpas. Normal applications for the dissolver are paint, ink, putty, adhesives, chemicals, minerals, pharmaceuticals, paste, composite material etc.

The vacuum dissolver is efficient machine for dispersing power into liquid under vacuum. It can be mixed in batches and easy to change tanks. It will be provided with high speed dispersion disc, which has wide range of speeds attained by hydraulic system or variable frequency drive or infinitely variable cone pulley and belt drive. The dispersing disc mounted on the main shaft will also be adjustable under vacuum operation. It can be provided with a tank wall scrapper driven by geared motor, mounted on the lid. It is incorporated within lid, so dispersion disc height adjustment is possible, while dispersing under vacuum. The scrapper blades are easily detachable.

Floor or through floor mounted designs are available. The container lid is slightly arched to provide better stability. It is fixed elastically with shaft bearing housing with telescopic mast. There are two pneumatic  cylinders for lowering / raising lid.

Vacuum dissolver will be provided with adjustable vessel clamping and centering.