An Efficient Alternative to conventional Ball and Pebble mill.

The Grinding media incased of in film of the product moving vertically as well as describing a circular path in a random motion. The Grinding media absorbs the minimum energy necessary to obtain a state of equilibrium between centrifugal and centripetal force in a horizontal plane and no heavy mass has to be raised or moved against gravity. 

Types of different Modules are available.

    Batch Type  

    Continuous Type

    Dry Grinding

    Circulation Grinding

    Research & Lab model


Short Grinding Time
Low Power Consumption
Finner and Homogenious dispersions
No Prefixing necessary
Excellent Temperature Control
Low Noice Level
Little Wear and Tear
Simple to operate and Easy to maintain


Coating and Paint
Metals oxides
Textile printing products or colors
Insecticides and Herbicides
Rubber and Chemical