The Ball Mill is designed to make Steatite lining to prevent iron contamination during grinding and to discharge slip under pressure after grinding. The grinding media may be used as flint pebbles of assorted sizes

‌• Shell: The shell is fabricated from a thick M.S. Plate and made perfectly cylinder in an automatic plate rolling machine. 
‌• Flange: The Flange is made of a thick M.S. Plate suitably ribbed with a thick web electrically welded. The flange so made is welded with a shell radially. 
‌• Journal: Made of steel machined and welded with the flange. The cylinder so made is turned on a lathe to have trueness on the bearings. 
‌• Shafts: Made of EN. Steel is smoothly machined and fitted with the shell. 
•‌ Plate/Stand: Made of heavy C.I. (IS. 210, Gr. 15) duly machined on which the whole mill is placed on Bearings. 
‌• Bearings: Ball/Self-aligned Double Row Roller Bearings are used in which the mill is mounted and the Bearings are placed in C.I. Housing having dust sealing and grease lubrication arrangement. 
‌• Gear & Pinion: Made from Alloy C.I. (IS.210) having machine-cut teeth of spur design. 
‌• Drive: From motor through V-Belts and/or operation through ‘FENNER’ Dry Plate Clutch and/or Gearbox and coupling. 
‌• Balancing: The mill is statically balanced prior to dispatch.

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High plate/ Stand
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