Planetary Mixer

Planetary mixers (Double or single planetary) offer a solution to a wide range of mixing problems. Designed for intensive mixing, dispersing, kneading and deaerating products such as adhesives, sealants, light caulks, pastes, coating, granulation and similar products of medium to high viscosity. Rotation of the planetary blades on their own axis while they travel around the center of the mixing bowl ensures complete and effective mixing. The blades continuously advance along the periphery of the vessel, removing material from the vessel wall and transporting it to the interior. After one rotation the blades have passed through the entire vessel, after three revolutions most materials have been mixed and after only 36 revolutions the blades have contacted virtually the entire batch. 

‌In the planetary mixer, vacuum construction and the jacked mixing tank allows you to mix at temperature you want and cool/heat-sensitive products gently and quickly. Double Planetary mixer includes a heavy-duty frame, precision machined gears, extra durable bearings and steel gearbox. As a critical component, the gear box is sealed at the top, bottom and sides.

‌ The mixers are available in various sizes, with or without self-aligning bowl scrapers and hydraulics lifts Heavy duty construction allows the production of newer and tougher compounds in a trouble-free manners, while also being very durable and reliable in operations. The mixers are manufactured to rigid standards with many features and option available. 

‌1. Single or Double Planetary blades. 
‌2. Floating scraper blade adjusts to bowl contour. 
‌3. Single base structure to for simplicity in mounting 
‌4. Liff manually or hydraulically operated (airfoil or electric pump) 
‌5. Special steel planetary gears, heat treated and hardened for durable, long life. 
‌6. Stimup, vertical or combinations of blades available 
‌7. Heating, cooling or vacuum construction. 

‌1. The proven choice for many low to high viscosity applications. These blades knead and are suitable for wet or dry blending, regard less of the products flow characteristics. 

‌2. The new high viscosity mixing blades are ideal for ultra-high viscosity applications. The design promotes top to bottom mixing of ingredients and eliminates "building up" of materials being mixed. 

‌3. The finger blades are preferred for applications that require the mixing of delicate solids and fibers. These blades can be fine tuned to maximize axial flow within the mix zone.

Our Features

low to high viscosity
wet or dry blending
ultra-high viscosity
building up
solids and fibers
maximize axial flow