TSD (Twin Shaft Disperser)

Designed to handle range of tough jobs and life long trouble free operations. Each unit delivers full rated torque horse power to the shaft throughout its entire speed range and can be provided with automatic speed control dependent on viscosity.    

‌‌    MODELS 
‌• Tank mounted, floor mounted or floor trough mounted. 
‌• Single shaft 
‌• Twin shaft - coaxial or eccentric Floor mounted or floor trough mounted. 
‌• Vacuum or pressurized operation 
‌• Fix mounted or mobile. 
‌• Planetary with scraper 

‌• High-energy dispersion rotors 
‌• Dual shear rotors 
‌• Hi-shear dispersion rotors 
‌• Three-blade propellers 
‌• Radial pumper 
‌• Axial pumper 
‌• Rotor-stator 
‌• Rubber Cutter

‌• Good dispersion in solid-solid, liquid-solid blends ‌• Thorough homogenizing of mixtures. ‌• Low consumption of power. ‌• Very efficient and sturdy design. ‌• Manual air over oil. ‌• Electro-hydraulic lifting and lowering of the headstock. ‌• Minimum noise level while running. ‌• Simple and safe operation. ‌• Minimum maintenance.


Scale up to 150 HP.
Two speed or Infinitely variable speed.
Mobile container
Adjustable clamping device
Different diameters in size
Full 360° Mixing swing
Can Grouping.


Paint & Allied Finishes
Printing Ink & News ink
Cosmetics Pharmaceuticals
‌‌Chocolate & Confectionary
Aqueous dispersions