Turnkey Processing Plant.

Turnkey Processing Plant : Resin

Resin Plant and Reactor System
‌        - Plant, Design, Supply, Assembly and Commissioning
‌        - Storage, Metering, Weighing of raw materials
‌        - Storage and finishing and transferring of final products 
‌        - Fully or semi automatic controls including computers for process  
‌           and materials administration.
‌        - Filtration system
‌        - Heating and Cooling system 

‌ Alkyds, Amino, Acrylic, Emulsion, Phenolic, Polyester, Varnish

Turnkey Process Plant (Mineral Grinding)

We manufacture, supply & commissioning a complete mechanical powder / mineral grinding plant comprising a grinding mill, conveying systems, Feeder, Separator, Classifiers, Dust Collector, Fans & Controls for the followings:- 
‌         Pigments and extenders 
‌         Foodstuffs 
‌         Fertilizers 
‌         Abrasives and refractory

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